The Environmental Alarmist

The Environmental Alarmist.
A satire about an unlikely environmental catastrophe and an improbable Presidential campaign. Narrated by an almost, but not quite implausible speechwriter.

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A hilarious satire about an unlikely environmentalist presidential campaign. If you have never worked in politics, you will find The Environmental Alarmist funny because it is too outrageous to be true. If you HAVE worked in politics, you will laugh yourself silly because you know it isn’t.

Bill Richardson, Former New Mexico Governor, US Ambassador to the UN, US Energy Secretary and US Presidential candidate 

Invasive green flies infesting the White House? GMO experiments unleashing a plague of genetically modified pigs that reproduce like rabbits? A wiseass environmentalist candidate and his motley campaign crew coming to the rescue to save the world? Who says there’s nothing funny about environmental collapse?

Paul Begala, CNN commentator and former chief political strategist for Bill Clinton and Al Gore

My Father’s Century. A narrative American journey, from the time of Coolidge, Capone, Rockefeller and Carnegie, to that of Obama, Trump, Gates and Musk.

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